NEXT Biometrics Flexible Sensor

Next Biometrics has developed a new sensor based on Active Thermal Technology. This sensor is a large and flexible sensor, which its mains applications are incorporate them in smart cards, as it is designed to enable compatibility with class B smart card readers.

The NB-0610-S2 is produced in materials only a few micrometres thick. The material can be applied in top of rigid substrates (glass) or flexible substrates (PET).

This sensor has received the Aadhaar certification, which allows this sensor to be use by the Unique Identification Authority of India.

Next Biometrics and Tactilis have demonstrated at the end of 2017 the first ever biometric smart card using this sensor which is compliant with international standards related to smartcards.  The card proposed include a NB-0610-S2 and has been included in Tactilis biometric-system-on-card solution. This demonstration took place at TRUSTECH 2017.

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