Automotive Workshop

Autoliv has opened their gates for an internal PYCSEL workshop. This workshop took place 22nd and 23rd of March 2017 in Chiré-en-Montreuil, near Poitiers (France).

Autoliv is one of the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, and its one the of partners of the PYCSEL consortium. During the KoM meeting an important knowledge gap was found in the requirements from this market sector.

In PYCSEL, requirements from the final user are provided from the governmental applications and from the automotive sector. The former are well known and described; however, the usage of fingerprint sensors in the automotive sector are not so well known.

For covering such gap, Autoliv kindly host a workshop in their facilities near Poitiers. The main topic was the specifications and constraints to the PYCSEL use case of integrating fingerprint sensing in an automotive steering wheel.

Several partners participate in such workshop:

  • Autoliv
  • Bioage
  • CEA
  • IMEC
  • TNO
  • SIS

During the workshop, visits to the prototype area, test areas and laboratories were done, in order to gain a better appreciation of the constrains involved with integrating fingerprint sensors into a steering wheel, and in particular into the steering wheel rim where nicely integrated leather wrapped steering wheel rims are the norm for medium and higher end vehicles.