Partial objectives

  1. To design an innovative active thermal sensor, using PVDF-based pyroelectric material, combined with an IGZO TFT matrix foil, capable of high resolution fingerprint capture.
  2. To develop a manufacturable process for a 500 ppi TFT backplane (reliable IGZO TFT allowing more complex design functionality to increase performance and reduce system cost).
  3. To develop a manufacturable process for the reliable fingerprint pyroelectric sensor, compliant with the 500 ppi high resolution requirements including encapsulation (mechanical protection and shielding) and sensor poling methods compatible with the TFT backplane (high voltage: 100V/μm of PVDF thickness)
  4. To demonstrate a small scale fingerprint sensor prototype based on the TOLAE developed technologies, including hybridization with on foil gate-driver and Si- readout.
  5. Large area innovative fingerprint prototype validation: To carry out an evaluation to validate the demonstrator for targeted applications and its compatibility to user case.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 Programme undergrant agreement No 732423

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