University Carlos III of Madrid ( is one of Spain’s most prestigious technical Universities. Due to its public, non-profit nature, the exploitation and dissemination strategies of UC3M largely coincide on its main objective, which is to use research results to advance and progress scientific knowledge. Exploitation of research achievements is carried out along two activities: educational in which existing and well established knowledge and methods are diffused among the attendants of the University lectures and activities, and research into advancements and extensions of the understanding of scientific disciplines. To this end, UC3M relies on a pool of expert human resources and its reputation, which is based on past achievements, helping to attract the top choice of prospective students and research associates.

Research at Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) has always been one of the basic pillars of the University’s activities, both to improve teaching and to generate new knowledge and new lines of research. Within UC3M, the Electronics Technology Dpt. Has 5 Research Groups. Among them, the University Group for Identification Technologies (GUTI – has a great experience in Biometrics, Smart Cards and Security in Identification Systems.

In detail, GUTI’s expertise in its R&D lines is:

  • Smart Cards, from R&D to final applications (active since 1989).
  • Biometrics, having large experience in different biometric modalities such as hand geometry, iris recognition, fingerprint, vascular system and handwritten signature (active since 1994).
  • Match-on-Card Technology, achieving the first ever Match-on-Card solution in 1999.
  • Security Infrastructures, developing their own PKI using smart cards in 1997.
  • Their work in all these lines has leaded to hold the Secretariat in the Spanish Mirror Subcommittee in Biometrics (AEN/CTN71/SC37) and the Chair in the Spanish Mirror Subcommittee in Identification Cards (AEN/CTN71/SC17).They are also experts in SC27.

In addition, UC3M has opened an Evaluation Laboratory for Identification Technologies, called IDTestingLab ( IDTestingLab is equipped with all relevant instruments to perform technology and scenario evaluations, and his personnel is trained to carry out operational evaluation as soon as a customer requests that kind of work.