OT Morpho is one of the leading suppliers of identification and security solutions, with an annual revenue of 1,7 Billion euros and more than 9000 employees in 55 countries.

SIS provides (multi-) biometric based technologies, products, and solutions that protect and secure personal identities and assets. SIS is specialized on biometrics, both for government and commercial applications. With integrated systems already deployed in over 100 countries, SIS seeks to create a climate of confidence by contributing to the safety and security of individuals, businesses and countries around the world. Its solutions meet a wide range of security needs worldwide, including identity management, personal rights for residents and travellers, physical access to airports or other high-value sites, and logical access (online or via secure terminals). SIS is a recognized leading global player for security, identification systems, documents and detection solutions. As the world leader in AFIS and multi-biometric ID management solutions, SIS has proven its ability to manage largescale projects and develop customized local solutions. Within the UID project, SIS currently enrols the population of India leading to the largest database with more than one billion multi-biometric (face, finger, and iris) acquisition.

Role of SIS in the project: SIS will focus on research driven activities on one finger and 4-finger scanners both to open new markets and reduce the cost of acquisition of fingerprint devices. After a couple of years of cooperation with CEA showing potential in pyroelectric sensing, SIS is expecting from PYCSEL project significate improvement on the maturity of pyroelectric sensing targeted towards actual markets (4-slap and 1-finger scanners) where it could improve the performance / cost ratio, and also to open new market where flexibility is foreseen as possibly being a valuable innovation.