BioAge is a SME private company, the main activities of BioAge are the: Research, Hi-Tech scientific instrument production and Designing Services for other companies. The BioAge skill is focused on the electronic designing, mechanical designing and software writing, by means of this approach BioAge is able to provide integrated and complete innovative solutions to its customers. The BioAge mission is focused to build a bridge between the research and the production, it is the so said Technology Transfer virtuous process.

BioAge is an Italian technological SME that develops and produces measurement instruments based on sensors and biosensors and real time monitoring systems. The company develops several kinds of transducers. The BioAge main technologies are nanogravimetric, capacitive and infrasonic wave systems. BioAge produces highly accurate quartz crystal microbalances (QCM) systems, developed for piezoelectric gravimetry in the ng-pg range, such instruments are commonly used by research centres and universities, the application fields is extremely large and thanks to their extreme accuracy and sensitivity our instruments are employed in the nano-technology basic research. BioAge designs, produces and installs infrasonic monitoring systems, used to monitor in real time the volcanic activity, in Italy the Italian Civil Defence uses our systems to monitor the explosive activity of Etna volcano (Etna is the bigger active European volcano). BioAge has designed and realized a real-time marine monitoring system that has been installed near the Stromboli island (it is a volcanic island), this system is used by the Italian Civil Defence as tsunami real time early warning alarm. The scientific research is one of the main interest of BioAge that is involved in EC FP7 research projects. Lot-Oriel ( is a distributor of the BioAge instruments. For more info, please check our website at

BioAge has an internal complete production chain for electronic circuits, for this reason the company is able to realize electronic circuits (both rigid as flexible) without requiring the involvement of other external companies, the company has the internal laboratories for screen printing and pad printing. Regarding the mechanical designing and realization BioAge has the skill to design 3D mechanical systems, and to realize the mechanical components by means of its CNC (numeric control) machines. Regarding the electrical test and characterization: the BioAge’s laboratories have all the electronic equipment and measurement instruments.